Be a Connoisseur of Light and Cash-in

A very serious Herman Miller sale is going on and its a Design Within [your] Reach….Design Within Reach - The Herman Miller Serious Sale (88x31)

Ok I swapped out the one measly old fashioned think symbols out of the fixtures in my two rooms (i’m a beaming) with the Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (4 of them 14 watts each) when I moved in here last month. I still find that I need more light when I read, write very serious things, no matter how funny, sumi-e or knit my wire wares, got the picture?

Herman Miller saved our butt literally with the Aeron Chair. Did you notice how office seating conformed to design buns after that. I hope they take the hint with the Leaf Light.

Leaf Light is light years ahead of the Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, grab these stats and stuff it in your bosses suggestion box.

“The work of Yves Béhar for Herman Miller, the Leaf Light (2005) uses a biomorphic grid of LEDs to deliver a wide spectrum of light; from 2800 to 6000 Kelvin, to be exact, or in layman’s terms, from a golden glow to pure white.

The goal, says the designer, was to

“allow the user to choose the intensity and color of light which best suits a functional need, mood or location.”

The Leaf’s integrated microprocessor includes a dimmer, and the lamp remembers the user’s settings each time it’s turned on.
Highly adjustable, the sculptural Leaf has two blades that independently rotate and pivot.

The Leaf Light was designed according to Herman Miller’s demanding Design for the Environment (DfE) protocol, which emphasizes sustainability and recyclable materials.

The manufacturing of Leaf uses a stamping process which eliminates waste.

Its LEDs use 40% less energy than compact fluorescent lights, and carry a lifespan up to 100,000 hours.”
Design Within Reach - The Herman Miller Serious Sale (120x60)

The future is bright with possibly social lighting in the future? Like wi-fi-ing your friend your favorite lighting. Ok I am a little lit up creatively but have a look by tomorrow, the 16th of December, cause seriously, on the 17th an offer of 10% off and free shipping will be off the table.


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