Do Real Women Wear Silk Pajamas?

This story was to be entitled “a miracle on 34th street.” However Santa was too busy reading “Harvard Businesss Working Knowledge for Business Leaders” and didn’t put aside a “Gift of the Day,” men’s striped silk pajamas, for my Dad. I did believe, I did.

The story goes that by 10:00a.m., the Gift of the Day, yesterday, silk pajamas, for $6.90 were gone. Vamos! The beige one’s were consumed by 10:30a.m. and the black ones soon after. The men’s striped pajamas lingered til about noon.

What was understood was that women were buying the men’s pajamas for themselves. Why? Because real men don’t really wear pajamas, real women do. I heard someone say because they were bigger. My mom told me to get skimpy pajamas for my dad, thus the $6.30 choice, belief, miracle, etc. etc.

It would be a miracle on 34th street to find men’s silk pajamas at this point of my humbugged endeavour.

However, did you know about sea cell pajamas? Perfect for my dad. So in a way yes, there was a miracle on 34th street yesterday, it pushed me onwards to the amazon, to find cocoon.

COCOON is pleased to introduce SeaCell – a unique blend of 50% silk, 35% Egyptian Cotton, 10% SeaCell and 5% SeaCell Active, creating a unique, health-promoting fabric for all your travel adventures. The two revolutionary fibers work this way SeaCell is derived from seaweed that contains natural, health-promoting substances. Seaweed contains the trace elements and minerals of the sea, as well as carbohydrates, amino acids, fats, proteins, and vitamins. …The second fiber is SeaCell Active. SeaCell Active is a cellulose fiber derived from seaweed with incorporated silver ions. Even in small concentrations, silver is anti-microbially effective…the positive properties of SeaCell Active fibers remain unchanged even after many washings. The antibacterial and fungicidal properties of SeaCell Active make it a perfect fabric for extended trips or trips to humid climates….”



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