Warmth brought to you by….


Today’s New York Times business section reveals that ‘expresso’ is the creation of illy. When illy tried to patent their baby the trademark ownership was denied, expresso had become a generic. Last year I really didn’t understand the illy salon in New York. This year, the Time Warner at Columbus Circle illy invasion was intriguing but was I just too jaded? Beauty has a taste … huh? Finally though after some education, I believe, I do believe in the art of their bean…. here

“We are consistent in taste, like Champagne, whose secret is consistency, or like Chanel No. 5.”

This company has had their very creative words expresso, barista, macciato, even their espressamente salons generically consumed. Never fear, they share. They see this bean business as a community and they creatively build their place on top. They offer their illy cup, first designed by an artist, for other artists to use as a canvas, most recently Jeff Koons and James Rosenquist. This company of creators aestheticize their product with recognition of art. illlywords — co-opetition – tutti i numeri
Open your eyes to the beauty of their bean as they authenticate its being through sustainable development, in principo. ‘no water no coffee

Is there a Francis in my future or will I just bring home a tin of ground coffee when I visit Mom?

Sadly even if ‘Beauty has taste’, come wintertime, when the door opens comes a breeze, brr….

Eddie Bauer has always been a favorite with me, making fashion casual and then upscaling it without losing the warmth. Eddie Bauer is a real person who significantly eco’d Seattle. He is the inventor of the down parka. His company has been keeping trees and eco ideas alive in the Northwest. Yes, the majority of boots still embrace leather and the down is ala goose. But never fear, you can purchase an alternative stuffing, primaloft. Yes indeed, all vegan, this growler.

and you can sleep on a firm pillow and not sneeze, with primaloft at Eddie Bauer.

Primaloft??? Yes in Albany, New York, USA. Albany International, is the proud inventor of primaloft. In the 1980’s the U.S. Army asked them to develop an alternative to down that would keep its insulation properties when wet. Voila primaloft.


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