Subway talk from the next generation…

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Last night, after work, a mom and dad were sharing the weight of their wee son while straphanging on the crowded uptown “3”. Finally after a few stops the crowd let up, the dad chose to take a seat and sat the boy down on his knee. The little boy looked up through his glasses and said, ‘My pants are soaked.’ ( Now that got the crowd’s attention.) His parents looked at him in great apprehension. He said, “You know why?” Again, apprehension. Because all day long people have been carrying me and its caused so much sweat and I am soaked. …at that point the crowd softened and the subway echoed if I only had a heart.
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This afternoon there were a group of teenage boys sitting on the edge of their downtown “D” subway seat and sharing their iTunes and podcasts via white iPods and stories about this cute girl. One said he didn’t like her name, she’d have to be hot to make up for it. Exactly how hot was she, was she super hot? One guy said she’s really cute. The other one said she was pretty. The guy who didn’t like the name said, “My hot wouldn’t be your hot anyway.”Apple iTunes
I guess us girls have just got to get with the CSS and super hotdom,
well, if that was our guy….


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