Being an individual on New Year’s Eve in New York City

Hundreds of thousands of revelers “enjoy” Times Square in “viewing pens”.

To each his own, you won’t find me within a one mile radius of Times Square, been there done that, being in a “pen” is well, not my idea of fun.

Anyway I was trying to go to work in Rockefeller Center at the time of the Christmas Tree “replanting” and a policia took my wrist and twisted it several times and said “what part of English do you not understand.” I innocently attempted to walk across the street to my work. Other people were walking from the opposite direction. Don’t worry I let him have it. I screamed over and over “I do not believe it, this policeman tried to break my wrist and I am just trying to go to work.” It took me an hour to get to work that day, two steps in one hour and I lost $24, no big deal to the city that is raking in millions on millions of tourists. But really who is getting the money?

They say about 2.xx million extra out-of-towners came to see the City this year. Yeah, I noticed. I couldn’t get onto the subway to go to work. Never mind, the city doesn’t care because not only is it raking in millions from visitors, its allowing them to stay and take your apartment. The cigarette waiving and throwing about in your face… The spitting… these are a few of my least favorite things.

I think this is what happens when you have a mayor who paid a billion to win the mayoral election. Will Spitzer be any different from our current governor? I sure do hope so. There is no stretch left in the city. I mean New York City could be GoDaddy’s next SuperBowl GoDaddy girl.

“Bloomberg had spent over $66 million on his campaign by late October 2005, and was projected to exceed the record of $74 million he spent on the previous election. He chose not to use public campaign funds and therefore his campaign was not subject to the restrictions imposed on candidates who accept such funding.”

Honestly in the past decade Coney Island has moved into Manhattan. Very little regard is shown for those people who do the right thing and take public transportation and don’t smoke in other’s faces. What pile of Wall Street money will our next mayor crawl out from under and what are we going to do about it?

A person really can just go through regular Manhattan unnoticed. Here at the 135th I either get a downright frown or magically people say hi and happy new year. I heard someone go up the stairs in the building and they said that’s where the white girl lives as they walked on the landing. (hello I am not the only white girl in here, german girl is here too.) In other words, either way, I exist. My lebanese roommate and I were talking about our hair, whose hair can stick out the farthest as she let me in on the blow-drying salon secret. She told her mom that my face is a model’s face. Is that when I become a person? Because when millions of people and life is just a squeeze are we individuals, are we even people?

Today on my way out of the building in which I reside there were alot of male tourists hanging out on the street next door, their tourist book in hand, they were in awe of the harmony within. Apparently 135th between Malcom X Blvd. and Adam Clayton Powell (with lenox somewhere therein) is worthy.

Well stood were these tourists, however. The singers inside the YWCA next door were quite angelic in their verse. Not the trash talking and fighting they do once outside the Y, i.e. while standing outside my window.

I keep telling people this is a farout location.

[The #2 train at 135th and Lenox was full of white Europeans. A black woman was reported in the papers saying “I’ll have to see a lot more white folk jogging down Malcom X Boulevard at 6AM before I rent an apartment above 125th street” (geekboy emailed me that). I sent him back this map.]

The Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture is a few buildings down. Its a great place to host events via the New York Public Library.

Tourists may come hither but will their money stick, probably not as there aren’t many prominent places of businesses on the street. I heard there is a salon that really blow-dries hair straight on this street. There are places to eat but they may not be in that tourist book except for Sylvia’s and Sugar Hill Bistro. Of course we do have a Duane Reade, a Quiznos Sub (with a Subway on the way) (Striver’s Gardens), Chase Bank and Harlem Hospital. There are a couple of condos but no way am I going to let you in on that deal. A police precinct with a nice boutique nearby. Yep, 125th will probably get the goods.

Sylvia’s–Sylvia Woods, known as the Queen of Soul Food, opened her restaurant in 1962, and it has become known around the world. 328 Lenox Ave. (126th and 127th); (212) 996-0660.

Sugar Hill Bistro–This renovated triplex includes a bar area with live music. You’ll pay a bit more to dine at this showplace, which recaptures Harlem’s glory days. 458 W. 145th St.; (212) 491-5505.

Home Sweet Harlem Cafe, with easy chairs and a homey setting, offers soups, sandwiches and salads made with natural and organic ingredients. 270 W. 135th St.; (212) 926-9616.

I shopped at
The Container Store - Free Organization Tips
today. Organization? That’s what I am doing right now, perfecting my studio. I’m listening to the “Joy” Diet and to tell you the truth I’ve never had a better time on New Year’s Eve in New York City. Ok last year I stayed home too and that was pretty awesome considering the other choices. Those large propylene stacking baskets and olka hangers are pretty nifty.


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