Take a hint

ok… Hint is pure water whose offered message is its essence. Virtual essence, Virtual refreshment in many colors, what a concept. A concept that is not new to Meez.

I was at Cooper-Hewitt’s National Design Museum “Design Now” admiring Blik. (Blik’s slogan is “wallpaper for the commitment phobic.”) I discovered that Meez had partnered up with Blik for its virtual wallpaper. (“Scott Flora, owner of Venice, California-based Blik, found a friend in Ryan when they partnered up to create virtual wallpaper that mimics Blik’s line of adhesive wall decals.” see Entrepreneur.com‘s “The Personal Touch.” )

Think of all the parents who were saved from remuralling walls every couple of years by Blik.
Check out Blik presence at Yoyamart’s Yoyashop.

I dropped the hint when I saw Meez was giving away boyfriends. I tried out Shuga Daddy but quickly dropped him at 20 coinz. That’s not a Shuga Daddy.

Brad Pitt was nice, but stiff as a board.

How about just save the princess?


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