When It comes to Buzz are you in the Hive or Out

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I never watched “The Apprentice” before but swarming fan buzz brought me to the nbc.com pointbreak. I watched the first episode of “The Apprentice – LA” online.

According to swarm, the Donald did not dance with bees this episode. He made his fans buzzing mad. Fact: Joel Comm fired him. What may I ask is wrong with living in a tent?

I liked this show and I was surprised that only a few of the apprentice candidates were outspoken. Two project leaders, Heidi and Frank, were chosen for mouth and deed. One person was distinguished by asking to pee and standing on a rock, Martin. And, well you know the last person to stand on a rock was hmm, the pilgrims? so, yeah he was later extinguished.

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Interesting. Heidi got right into L.A. real estate analysis and hired some topless hotties to hold up cardboard signs quickly snagging in volumes of non-detail, just a car wash, business. Yeah, yeah, yeah, while the rest of her team worked their suited butts off with the volume.

Frank on the other hand held tight to his New York City blanket. He went off to make professional flyers while barking at his team from afar to not just stand there but to do something, upsell. A sales manager enlisted for the thankless job of upselling with a rock stander for staff. Never, never volunteer.

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Hey Frank, flyers are for struggling New York City rock bands to paste on posts not the highway. In L.A. flyers on highways is known as litter, not ecologically sound. Whatever happened to simply putting the flyers under the windshield wipers of parked cars?

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, was the bosslady and she did not mince words. She asked Heidi’s team why they were not going for the upsell. She asked where Frank was. She did not like Martin’s attitude.

In the end was Frank really the loser? His team fell short only $70 dollars (+ or -). He and his team got tons more exposure than the winning team. Lets face it for the other team, the unknown topless guys caught the camera’s eyes.

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So what? a tent, an outdoor shower and a little heat and some beer for the ‘losers.’ At least they’ve been there and done that. You might say they are fearless for the next episode cause where can they go but up. And the winning team, that will be interesting.

Martin did have to go. He sucked the very essence out of the show. I thought he and Frank were treated mild mannerly by Trump. Right on Ivanka keep telling them like it is.

One of the shots of Melania and Trump was so Gothic. They did look “Team Don’t Mess With Us.” Could we have some more chemistry?

oh, and about the buzz, that should be interesting to see if the bees come back to the hive.


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