Was Betty Boop the original Harajuku girl?

My mom opened the door and greeted me in full Harajuku girl fashion. Pink thermals with Betty Boop from top to bottom style diva’d with a melon houserobe.

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Things had changed in the year that had lingered by. Why I think my mom (Lolita Mommy) and dad (Harajuku Robotic Man) had fashioned hydroponic love without the benefit of Gwen Stefani. Robotic Man had a punk cut courtesy of Lolita Mommy. He provided the background dressed in Hydroponic red plaid.

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Hydroponic love is all about small roots fed with quality nuturing. “Our Love is the Real Thing.”

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My mom laid out the ingredients for the lunch that I was to prepare. Once we sat at the dinner table she said “Its too bland. Could I have a little more pesto.” No sooner had she taken another bite of the enhanced angel hair she seemingly disappeared into thin air. Robotic man fumed, “Oh great, now she’s died.”

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I explained “She has indigestion.” He said, as he looked my masterpiece down disapprovingly, “So do I.” He pushed his award-winning pasta away.

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