When marketing taps into Reality do you change the way you bank?

Hey that commercial takes a page from lil’l sis’ dailies I mused while viewing the XLI Salsa last Sunday. E*trade played true to life in a commercial where the bank holds up the customers. Impossibly funny?

My sister told me the morning I left to return to home, sweet home about some of her work duties as an FO in a corporation. She takes a daily deposit to a bank whose tellers are held up regularly. The robbers just come right on in and jump over the teller’s counter, point a gun at their brain and get away with free cash. She was talking to a guard on a visit immediately following a major cash giveaway. She said “I guess you feel real secure.” He said his job was over at the end of the week. That the bank was installing bulletproof teller stations. She said “Great way to protect your customers that are in the bank.” I asked her the name of the bank. Yipes my bank account was involuntarily acquired by that bank. Now what is that E*trade number and how does it work? 1-800-etrade-1 here


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