Thinking inside the box

My mom told me that she and dad had strawberries and raisin bran for dinner. They finished the box. “A whole box of raisin bran,” I asked. “No, a whole box of strawberries.”

Did you know that Life now has Chocolate inside the box. No response. “Mom, what do you think about that.” “What do you think?”

“hmm do we think outside the box, on the box or inside the box? Quaker Oats Life Chocolate Oat Crunch is aimed at adults and the ‘its good for you’ trend that now embraces chocolate. The cereal has an exciting ‘Ultimate Chocolate Getaway” site with coupons. I signed up, I want to win the Chocolate Comes to Life T-Shirt.

Silence. She sighed, “I guess it would probably taste like cocoa puffs or Chocolate Lucky Charms (2005). We really like raisin bran with strawberries.”

I spurred on the conversation by quoting Chocolate Therapist, Murray Langham, March 2000, Rainbow News. He said “The many [food] choices we make tell us about how we want to appear to others. Chocolate, and our habits of consumption present a far more intimate picture.”

In his book , “Chocolate Therapy”, Mr. Langham explains centres of chocolate pieces and how they approach intimacy. “Caramel: perfectionist, limitations, thrifty, just; Strawberry: Gentle, placid, compassion; Brazil Nut: Grand, diplomatic, cultured, possessions.”, Inc

“Oh me, I’ll probably not get the cereal because I don’t like vitamins enriching my food, its not for me.”


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