Structured Love

This is the concept that holds the most promise. The internet is all a yahoo! about love and relationships.

I always wondered about this love for one day only special, how limiting. Even the Zoppini Farfus – Angel / Devil
knows better.

I think this will be the first Valentine’s ever that I have absolutely no love interest. I guess that’s pretty good considering my long love history. Yes its true on many of those overused Valentine’s Days I would rather have been enjoying solitude. For me I now reflect on my learnings and enjoy the hard won solitude. I enjoy freedom from a forced reenactment that’s not even the story of St. Valentine’s. I blame it on Duane Reade’s etc. and their Brangelina trappings on the stand as you wait.

Let’s get real, the holiday trend for Valentine’s is SAD (Singles Awareness Day). I want to celebrate GLAD. What ever happened to Fertility Festivals, far more productive.
Oh I could have been celebrating, but should 20 year olds go out with 50 year olds, I think not. Basically its been three long years of taking wierd jobs, wierd apartments, experiencing wierd internet monopolies, getting really sick. But in that recollection comes hope that all of these things are past in a big way. Not sure how I got there except for principles and trust. Yes, structured love is just around the corner, maybe or maybe not in my kitchen, despite guest mom chillin’.555 Soul Surreal Blazer, Blazers for Women
Last night my roommate brought a guy over. He was in the kitchen with her mom. On the way to the WC, I came by to close the door curtain I’d put up for when we have guests or cook. We have no kitchen door. The gaping space looks right down a very long hall into my room, if I let it. He was very much admiring me from head to toe. The mom was getting upset. Aren’t you going to work? Should I have been ticked off. She’s a 3-month guest and I am the highest paying tenant in the apartment. Then I smile, Love is everywhere, as I shut the curtain on the mom that knows not how to chill.555 Soul Army Femme Parka, Jackets for Women

Rama Lila

explores love and says structured love is what makes for a steadfast marriage.

“In the next level of love, we move past the desire to get something back from the one we love. We love for the sake of loving. Often this stage of love develops when we meet someone who is very special to us. Just the act of loving this person brings us into joy and ecstasy. It doesn’t matter what they do or do not do; the love flows out of you and into them effortlessly.

When a marriage is based on this type of love, the relationship is at its strongest. There are no scorecards; there is no bargaining of feelings. It is true love without conditions. This love is not rational. It is an overwhelming force that flows through us and elevates us into unlimited joy.”

After careful review of the overtaxed Yahoo! offerings of love, seemingly are they missing out on unlimited joy by focusing on possession or goal-oriented devotion for one day, one of the most commercially misused days of the year. What we need is a soul army.

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