Put Aside True Religion, Take the Pill

the style pill that is. I think True Religion is the worker’s jean, sometimes, all the time. you need to fuel your diesel. Yoox has the pill …..Voila.

DIESEL – Women – DENIM – Jeans on YOOX.COM
Tres cher? All it takes is one, you know, to change everything around you.

Don’t be downing Valentine’s in front of the kids. Its their holiday. Splurge on one. I remember my mom bought me and Kat each a Cinderella dress one Valentine’s. It was such a sacrifice. I remember her every Valentine’s for that special offer of love. When the bill came in my Dad took away her credit card. Usually I’d be wearing Kat’s handmedowns. When she threw her clothes on the floor I made her pick them up immediately. Maybe I got so tall through the power of will, it wasn’t long before handmedowns were a thing of the past.iconicon
And what about you? How about some hot scots?

For myself, been there done that…
Well I started working on this bungee cord project, you put the restroom key on it and allow the person to take it only up to the door then they must release. What’s that got to do with love? Good question.

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