The Poetry of a Product

Anyone measured the metre of a second season product at Starbucks?  I did.

I know, I know in the past I’ve had a problem with being runover by Starbuckers so it was the calling of ‘cinn a mon dol ce lat te’ and when in NYC do what the Romans do.  Afterall I am part Roman, aren’t you?

Yeah, Yeah.

But really this is a product that could be potentially hazardous to your health high in sugar even in its no sugar form. 

That’s when you get down and dirty with Starbuck’s customization program, "Make it your own."  How far will it go?    Soy Cinnamon Dolce Latte no Whip.  Did I ruin the metre?

They asked "Sugar free?"  Self assured, I answered "No."

Honestly, I get off work at 9am in the morning and its cold outside and the grunge of the subway and the starbucked gaited people all come to blur.  The train always stops and waits with a hard cold chill for at least 15 minutes.   I need a peaceful little ritual, a quiet little corner, a warm corner, to just meditate before the long journey from 53rd and Lex to 135th and Malcom X.

So for now that is where you will find me at 9am. 53rd and lex, entranced in my own soy cinnamon dolce latte no whip corner.


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