I lost my phone on the plane

it slipped out of my bag while in the upper carriage. Some guy called me later that evening. He found my phone on the plane. I had already replaced it for $50. My phone’s plan was up for renewal anyway so I got a Samsung Vcast with bluetooth and 1.5megapixel camera. I did not want to spend very much, not more than $50. Why should I if it is so easy to lose. Its just a phone.

There is a Nokia phone that has a 5-megapixel camera but it was not offered through Verizon. Oh well. someday, I am in no rush. Who absolutely needs the camera to be in the cell phone anyway? Besides camera phones are so unsettled as to quality you are really getting. David Pogue, NYTimes, writes the real indicator of quality is in the camera’s sensor not the megapixel. See here, “Last Notes on the Megapixel Myth.” Its just that I would actually do some photography everyday if it was convenient to do so.

Ok, Ok. truth I’ve been wanting a Nokia N95 for a few weeks. I’ll go to Nokia flagship store on East 57th and get them to figure out how to get it with my provider.


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