I took the Nokia N800 on my trip

This is the newest entry of an internet tablet by Nokia. Problem was the airports of Newark, San Francisco and Houston did not provide free public wifi spots. Their spots were monthly subscriptions. The Hotel Nikko also operated this way. They did not ask if you needed internet, they were reluctant to have anything to do with it.

I used the tablet in the 40 degree Union Square Park, San Francisco. Arriving back home at LaGuardia I found they did have a public wifi hotspot and it was clearly marked.

I used the tablet at the Houston Clear Lake Library. I used it at home. I found the tablet way too small for me. If I used it like a keyboard, it wasn’t an easy fit for my fingers. I could not download my ebooks from the library, the mobi reader did not have a mobi id identifiable by the library. I found myself getting headaches from the awkwardness of the tablets smallness. My hands hurt because zoom ability is achieved by clicking the top buttons.

I thought the Nokia N800 was a beautiful programming machine, loads of programming possibilities but I am not ready or willing enough to sacrifice my physical comfort for them.

Toshiba - Toshibadirect.com

Most likely, I am going to get a Toshiba tablet pc.

Toshiba - Toshibadirect.com


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