Wiki just got a new sister, Ama

Ama comes with a new gene set. Amazon has infused her with “collaborative structured tagging”.
Check it out here and then just say “you go girl.”

in Sanskrit the word “Ama” literally means uncooked or undigested….

I came across this new Amazon creation because I was thinking their unboxed product, rentals for 30 days for $3.99 was a good offer. I wanted to watch the Eddy Izzard/Uma Thurman – Reitman video. I’m a sucker for films shot all over New York City. The first stream of brother Wiki’s long tail discouraged me, “barely recommendable.”

Maybe I’ll just try Woody Allen’s “Scoop” instead?

At any rate bravo Amazon, you have unboxed me. It would take $8 roundtrips before all was said and done (along with scratched/unusable/no longer available) at the library. I’d probably not get what I wanted now either with Netflix and then you’ve got to mail back and their product is scratched etc. Yeah, thank you, thank you, thank you, Amazon for unboxed video downloads.


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