How I got introduced to Nintendo DS

via Dog Lovers

7-year old Eric kept this game as a constant companion during his search for King Penguin in the NYC.  His passion was contagious.  I decided to get a Nintendo for my dad instead of the laptop.


The Dog Whisperer

Then later, I met the woman who comes to train my sister’s dog.  She puts a small backpack on Ms. All-over-the-place" so as to keep her in pace with her other dogs.  I gushed "How did you get that dog to obey in such a short time?"  She winked and whispered, "Everything I know I learned from the dog whisperer."  Anyway ms. all-over-the-place became that because she used to room with several wiener dogs who taught her how to dig herself out of the backyard.  Then she had to be kept inside in a kennel.  I thought I had a complicated life.

I smiled when I visited my niece’s myspace page today, introducing her to one of my roommates, another myspacer.  Dogs are in her network.   Smart girl.    see  Eric Eightch Christ and  Dada Zoo Keeper


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