An Inconvenience for Most

I applaud the award of Best Documentary to “An Inconvenient Truth”, the only thing on that award show remotely worthwhile. A.O. Scott, NY Times reviewer says “An Inconvenient Truth” is a “necessary film.”

The point is most of those people in that audience clapping drive cars and smoke to the hilt and it would be most inconvenient for them if the truth outed their applause.

So here we are in “I love New York” where pedestrians swing about neurotically puffing away on their ciggies caring nothing about the people they just smoked on or burned with their flinging. Where lawyers, doctors, filmmakers and yes, very common folk, get into cabs, private cars, beatup jalopies and spew auto emissions on all the rest of us, not just for a few hours in the day but yes 24 hours on a daily basis. Even police cars are emitting, should we worry about their excessive audible emissions while in the mood? I live on a street where their baby cries at least 4 times in the wee hours of the morning. What? You thought 135th street was just where ‘Dream Girls’ was born?

Yes it is most inconvenient to take the MTA public transportation, its dirty, its crowded, not safe and hardly ever on time. However, there are still an honest few of us who still believe in the truth of doing the right thing.


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