Keep it a doing business

“Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.”–Mark Twain

My Dad told me “This is serious, I could fall, one fall and its all over.” I was feeling sort of guilty on the flight home from Houston to NYC a month ago. Had I been too aggressive? Too passionate? Oh well, my last family campaign worked a miracle, maybe I would team up with luck again. I had recruited numerous family members to keep my dad doing. Sam definitely did her part. Ford was more practical, he said “I’ll get him walking in the backyard. ” Mom, well I had to steer her towards Ford’s plan, the backyard. She was going to walk him up and down the driveway. Certainly ambitious. So I agreed with Ford I’ll be back in March, I’ll make a walking garden, a labyrinth for dad (and for mom).

Then several weeks ago my dad had the most innocent fall, on a mat, in the kitchen. He shattered his thumb. Hours later 911 was called. He’s been in the hospital ever since. I think its good for him. He says they are too rough with him. They, the hospital folk, keep it a business, his doing. And he is getting to meet alot of people his age to boot and so is my mom. #28 gets to have his sacred space on a daily basis. Spike gets to have sleepovers with the dog whisperer’s apprentice. Even VikingBro sailed in from RoundRock.

So where were we, oh yes, one fall and it wasn’t over, it was the beginning.

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