fleeing from what bothers you most….

Art Daily inspires me with their news of the Stockholm exhibit of this post title’s same-name along with “Dress to Kill” researcher and author, Ruel Macaraeg, comments of clarification to past post, “Are You Dressing to Kill?“.

Coup De grace The Lockdown Tee, T-shirts for Men

The Magasin3 exhibit in detail here.

Coup De grace The Nines Tee, T-shirts for Men

As in fashion, so in art, one cannot flee the “violence that is the legitimate function of the state.”

Coup De grace The Service Crew, Sweatshirts for Men

Ruel Macaraeg has written:

“The central idea of the theory is that fashion has historically mediated the expression of social violence. Do you remember the graph I showed during the lecture? It proposed a correlation between social complexity and access to social violence — as societies became more complex, access to violence became increasingly restricted to higher social classes. Those restrictions were encoded in cultural fashion, so that ordinary people increasingly became disarmed as violence became the legitimate function of the state.”

And so last year and even into this spring-like winter men were wearing flip-flops with their suits and women forgetting their flip-flopped feet even in presentation. Flip-flops were their weapon.

Harajuku Lovers The Jukuhead Card T-Shirt, T-shirts for Women
Guerrilla patterns were the rage.

*Karma NYC Boutique (Womens wear) Dark Camo Tank, Tank Tops for Women
Falling for the illusion of organization.

And yet try as we will we too flee not from what bothers us most…it is the background of our daily dissonance…

legitimate function protests

Coup De grace The Unsolved Tee, T-shirts for Men


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