Outgrowing MySpace, Taste or Sweet Revenge?

Chemical Romance has been crowned 2007 Tastemaker. Turning fans on to “Got Album?” passed Forbes‘ taste test.

2004 “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” on Reprise Records is the bean that grew them out of a MySpace house and into a bigger fan ship. Their following album in 2006, “The Black Parade” download scores are 931,000 CDs, 77,000 albums. …American Idol Tour and itunes benefit single made for a smooth head and nice finish.

So is the band phenomena Taste or Sweet Revenge? The fans that grew them haile from MySpace and PureVolume. These ‘grassroot’ fans according to Wikipedia “are particularly vocal [about the romance] on online forums.[26][27]”

UK Guardian says the chart “gives an insight into the tastes of the increasingly sizeable proportion of people who buy their music not from a high street shop but over the internet.” Example Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy,” December 12, 2006, was the first track to top the charts without selling a single copy over a record store counter.

Ah those were the good old days. March 19, 2007, Girls Aloud (myspace) vs. SugaBabes (myspace), Comic Relief single hits #1 on the UK top 40 charts. Maybe we’ll see them next year on Forbes‘ rack.

Chart Attack?
Digital Hit Seals Chart Revolution

“Since Billboard introduced digital sales into the mix a little over two years ago, average weekly sales of digital downloads have tripled. Just as airplay became a more dominant factor when sales of singles dried up, now the pendulum has swung the other way. As sales have increased, they have naturally had a bigger influence on the chart.”–Chart Beat Chat


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