Fast Fear Facing for $25 plus fees

philosophy a pigment of your imagination SPF 18

Skywalker takes on a new dimension today as a few leaders of the 2,200 member tribe People of the Tall Pine (Hualapai) made their first walk with Astronault Buzz Aldrin on the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

skyn ICELAND The Antidote Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 20

Face the 4,000-foot chasm on March 28 (opens to the public) after you’ve faced the “drive on twisty, unpaved roads through rugged terrain.” Shall we ask got FAST? p.s. the Skywalker site is too busy with traffic right now…only 120 at a time on the Skywalk.
if you can’t wait

and After:

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The reward beyond fear facing fast is lookout double that of the world’s tallest buildings.

As to the Fear? Go on and do it anyway…


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