Learning from our Apple, Fools

Snopes gives us a history of April Fools here. Interesting how fools has become a conquest of media attention. Even social media, Wiki, has a planning page for the event here.

Apple turns 31 on April 1, 2007.
Apple Store

No fool, Apple thrives without a Vista. As the lone major computer maker not adding Vista, Apple sales were the only one in range while others took the hit. See

Apple thrives under Vista onslaught, steady on iPods

Apple StoreInstead, Eve said, “add these”: “Adobe Creative Suite 3”, “Complete My Album” and “Tomb Raider.”
Apple iTunes
Meanwhile anticipation? speculation? how can G-world top the history of April 1 at Google,
Google Gulp. A clever drink of google juice and viral all in one.
Google Romance. Contextual Dating…


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