When we are down to our Last Bee…

Will we have to tell our children that we are as busy as a tree? or will trees totally stress out too?

The buzz is not Web2.0, its the lack of buzz, bees are dying. Something to buzz about indeed. Bees are vital to our ecology. ho hum you say. They are also vital to the $14 billion United States agriculture industry.

“Cobey said it could be from too much of everything: bad weather, chemicals, parasites, viruses.

“If you give them one of these things at a time, they seem to deal with it,” she said. “But all of these things, it’s too hard.

“I think the bees are just compromised. They’re stressed out.” – Columbus Dispatch

see further Celsius

Honey is not part of the Vegan diet. My boss asked me are you a vegan? I said well, not a perfect vegan. Someone gave me a “perfect” chocolate chip cookie…wheat free, dairy free, it had honey.

The Maple syrup in the United States is not yet collapsing. see here.


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