Get your credit card on

Because women are better with their credit card than men.

Obey The Dirty Work Jacket in Brown, Light Jackets for Women

Anita Hamilton in “Lay off, Suzie Orman“:

“Median annual credit-card debt for single women was just $1,900 in 2004, compared with $2,000 for single men, according to the Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances.”

*Karma Shoes (Shoes) Adidas Rod, Sneakers for Men

Did you notice all the girls bringing their guys to the store with them. Well yes it was a bit too crowded for me but I hung in. It was when this guy grabbed my size in a jeans sale at the Gap when I started to wonder why the men’s department was losing their guys?

*Karma Wares (Mini boutique) Anchovy Flip Flop, Shoes for Men

What is of concern most, are men getting a better deal than women?

Gentle Fawn The Minute Cropped Blazer, Light Jackets for Women

ABC – A Cure for Male Menopause?

4VOO – Men’s makeup


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