Never Slang a team…

of women. Boy the web is abuzzing. Even Howard Stern is telling Imus how he should have handled it.

Remember back in March 5, 2006 the Academy Awards said it was alright to call us women a bitch. Is a woman’s worth less than 50 cents? Hollywood, California.

And in April 17, 2007 outside my window they be a trash talking calling out the ‘stupid white bitch.’ We are in New York City.

If you don’t call out a team or a high-profile individual then is it ok? That’s the latest media lesson.

C. Vivian Stringer received some hate mail from Imus fans. No high drama for a code. She says she showed restraint on the few bad among over 600 really great supporting letters. A good lesson for Civility coders.

At any rate this state team will go on to join the “As seen on Oprah” club and CBS and New Jersey got some great PR. And the world is one down on the hip hop talkers. Oh and did they miss the point. Probably, that every woman is worth more than 50 cents.


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