Every day is Earth Day, so how many Earth Days are you Baby?

earth days on earth

365 x your age

If you are from Planet Venus

Divide Earth Days by 225

If you are from Mars

Divide Earth Days by 687

More on spacegrant here

Are green cities anything to be green about? In the meeting of mayor’s minds last year, New York was somehow determined to be pretty green [here]. Still, think about it, a little piece of land with over 263,000 drivers aspewing carbon footprint on its earth face daily (over 1/2 of those drivers live within the five boros).

80% of New Yorkers ride the subways daily (over 5 million), add to that the annual millions of tourists, did I miss the reward? Someone’s not thinking outside the subway map. that’s for sure.
Out of those 5 million only 2000 people are using nyturf , big problem. Again with great incredulous intonation, New York City is considered one of the most green cities in the U.S. That’s pretty scary. My wood floors are blackened from what’s outside every day; I wash black soot from my apartment off my flip flops every morning. I counted on my walk to work there were 35 smokers flinging their cigarettes with total abandon.

I think green should mean quality of life not suffering for other’s addictions.

In Traffic’s Jam, Who’s Driving May Be Surprising“. January 2007 One driver in five are just passing through the busiest streets of the city. 35% of government workers drive to work (free parking). In terms of traffic congestion NYC ranks a little above Houston and Atlanta (neither one of those cities has the massive transit authority of the NYC). Free Parking, Congested Streets: The Skewed Economic Incentives to Drive in Manhattan

“Give thanks for the unknown blessings already on their way.” — Native American Saying aspirenow


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