Get your hot water on…


This is the second time this year we have been out of luck on the heat and hot water.

The above statement is pretty generous on my part because whatever heat they giveth they taketh away via warped open windows in my room. I lived in 30-40 degree rooms this winter, all winter. Why didn’t I report this to the self-clapping authorities? Because I’ve paid 12 years of my life for the 62 housing violations of a past landlord. Frankly, I don’t know if my life will be going out that far if I continue to live in “Green” New York City. Regardless if I think much of it or not, I will be living here until I’ve got the whopping downpayment on the skyfarm in Milan so I’d better just keep progressing through adversity.

This time the 4 days of last time is stretching out to infinity. On the second day Ms. Anonymous went to the self-clapping New York City Housing Preservation Department to file an Anonymous complaint. here They were all zippy and promisy there! she cheered. They said in 24 hours someone will be out. On the 28th hour Ms. A called again and a really up representative wanted to cheerlead the status of the complaint. So Ms. A let her. Then she said “They won’t be able to contact me because I am anonymous right? I mean that’s all this message says that in 48 hours they will contact me.” The NYC gov cheerleader gave her a “G “and then an “M.” “Yeah I know” said Ms. A “The Message was definitely Generic.”

Ok we are all here. (Well the other two found open doors at heated houses, I didn’t look because this is my home that’s where I should be. If your two roommates fled and you were left with a quiet house what would you do?) Yes here anticipating the 48th hour, 49th hour, the 50th hour and on and on and nothing. No change whatsoever, no hot water, no heat. Magically two of the three front doors are locked but there is no light in the vestibule but then there never was since I’ve been here last September.)

To be fair the Landlord and super are unreachable. That’s how I spent the first two days of this deprivation contacting them and getting the other two to wear out the dial tone on LL and Super’s answering machine. Nothing. This new guy upstairs has no water and the Super told him to ask us. Through further conversation he told me that the Landlady had gone overseas.

Ms. A says she’s not dealing with this anymore. The NYC gov has 4 outstanding complaints on this same building from 2004 on its Rah Rah board. Those conditions still exist. It amazes me how they pat their back over it. She said that, so stop looking at me that way.

Me? Oh on the 5th day I resumed Bikram Yoga so that I could get my hair washed. I mean it is inspiring. Still my mom said that when I first came home after doing a year of it I looked 30 years older and so tired. I said “Mom, that was probably due to the New York City discrimination committee more than anything else. One burrito a day from a rat infested food chain does not a young face make.” Anyway when I came back a couple of years later having left yoga due to serious illness and broken through the discrimination barrier like Catwoman she said “Welcome, Your back, the real you.” Gotta love a mom that thinks you are still 20.

I am going to do this yoga thing everyday and see what happens. Because my landlord isn’t coming back for a couple of months and New York City is too busy self-clapping.
In the last 28 days we had 98 major crimes in our precinct. Hardly sounds crime-free to me. Remember those detectives? (see “Undoubtedly women are better marketers than men“) They told me it was very dangerous here. Yet the mayor and his cheerleaders are over there patting each other on the back. Since when did NYC become a basketball game?


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