Hoody, a national challenge

Years from now hoody will rank on the list of classics of all time. Friends among black dresses, pearls, white blouses, sneakers and jeans of course. Who could ever not be friends with jeans. Suits might eventually get dropped from the list, oops.

Obey The Rose Camo Hoody in White and Rose, Sweatshirts for Women
Hoody is understood as a culture invention in the United States. Yet which culture? Surfing, skateboarding or hip-hop. I vote for surfing.

Mikasi The Thought Man Hoody, Sweatshirts for Men
In England the hoody is a national challenge with the likes of Mr. Blair on the box about them. See “Hug a Hoody” In France too – hoodie = hoodlum. here
A voice for “Save the Hoody” is Lady Sovereign.

In the U.S.A. well its mainstream and always a source for new invention art karma: soul, adidas, and even monkeys. [not to say hoody invention does not thrive in Europe see here]

Cardboard Robot The Sidewinder Hoody, Sweatshirts for Women

Andy Warhol The Merilyn Flourish Hoody, Sweatshirts for Men

Paul Frank The Hey Julius Hoody in White, Sweatshirts for Women
oh me? I love Rock & Soul

555 Soul The Rock & Soul Hoody Tunic, Sweatshirts for Women
Karmaloop LLC


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