If 311 doesn’t help will the Mayor have an answer?

trendy picture soaking up some city dirt on Earth Day with cell phone camera outside of St. Patrick’s.

If on the 6th day god created man and woman, on the 7th day he rested, so on the 8th day will there be hot water? Unbelievable.

Ms. “A” was promised hot water yesterday as she handed the landlord her notice to move out in June.

Today Ms. “A” came home and no hot water. It was 9pm. Hello? Ms. “A” could have gone to yoga to get her hair washed if she had been given some notice.

So Ms. “A” called 311. 311 reported that an HPD representative went to building and found the lock working and therefore that complaint is closed. She said “Wait a minute, I complained that it is defective. Sometimes its locked but most of the time it isn’t.” “Well I don’t know what to do” the 311 representative said. “Do you see why that complaint has been on the record 5 times? Ms. A begged.

311 representative continued, “On the hot water complaint, a tenant in the building was asked if there was hot water. They replied yes. The complaint was closed.” Ms. “A” asked to speak to the supervisor since the 311 representative was not enabled to help further. She came back and said there is no contact information for the supervisor. Ms “A” replied she was left with no choice but to call the Mayor.

Most of the tenants in this building are related to the landlord. This is an HDFC housing coop for low-income tenants. That’s why they don’t have to pay any real estate or income taxes on the coop whatsoever. Nice handout for the poor? middle-class? or as my landlord says, she is wealthy. My landlord is directing officer of the HDFC corporation that owns the building she lives in and this one. She is supposed to live in this apartment. She does not. She rents the apartment out for $850, $750 and $650 a month to three tenants. We had another tenant for three months but she did not have to pay rent.

Do you get what I am telling you here? This landlord had the opportunity to take care of her building and make alot of money and probably noone would have known any better. Ok I suspected but I didn’t look it up. Now the facts are all out. When I made the complaint I saw the whole history and record of this corporation. Also the guy smoking in the super’s apartment told a roommate a few days ago as we kept trying to find the super to tell the people upstairs that the landlord isn’t suppose to be renting out the rooms that way. He says lack of hot water, water and heat has always gone on like this. Nobody does anything about it.

So speaking of Mayor Mike Bloomberg I did look him up in the white pages. I did call him. His answering machine directs the caller to 911 for emergencies and 311 where hundreds of operators are waiting to take your call. So I left him a message.

So anyway lets just hope my message wasn’t a blur with the mayor and that he will have an answer. Because my next step is Life Magazine or National Geographic.

Gosh time flies. Do you see why I don’t have time to niche down my blogs. Darn, not done again.
I sure hope I can get up in time to make my 6:30 am yoga class across and down town. My hair needs washing. I just tell them at the office, get used to it, curvy hair is in.


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