NYC Green Policy: Give it a Kick in the Butt

Sunday, Earth Day, in New York City a woman throws a lit cigarette right in front of Trendy as she is coming out of St. Patrick’s.

In Thailand, “We want laypeople to recognize Lent as an opportunity to be closer with God. This year we have an anti-smoking campaign,” said Bishop Banchong. “Smoking is a danger to people who are near to smokers.”

Any dot gov can make a law or speech,
ah but can they make an effective campaign?

You can’t make people do the right thing no matter how many laws. Just check out New York City if you don’t believe.

Think outside the Butt, go gratis to the smoker and then say grazie for their kind act. See ButtsOut.

fashionable smoking at a posh outdoor restaurant in Rockefeller Center.

A waiter could have grazie’d a ButtsOut imprinted with the restaurant name to this flip flopper. Thousands of impressions would have been made.

Doing the Right Thing is FREE-dom.

“The fine for throwing a lit cigarette from a vehicle in Washington is $1,025.”
April 12, 2007

50 pound fine for throwing smoking-related litter in Falkirk, Scotland
March 2007, BBC

95% of Cigarette Butts are not biodegradeable and they are harmful —
The filter of a cigarette is made of cellulose acetate (plastic). The “butt” part of the cigarette contains a toxic residue. see cigarette butt litter

2003 Land & Underwater U.S. Cleanups – TOP TEN ITEMS
1. Cigarette Butts, Cigarette Filters


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