Should the room have a view?

I don’t think of my rooms as having a view. Big mama did. She came in and opened the windows and said there. Well yes the democrat club across the street. Now that’s a view.

Geekboy enlisted for the start of my apartment hunt this past Saturday. One of my roommates wants to room with me so I did have a mix of apartments to see.

First, a studio just for me on Lennox and 132. Geekboy said the neighborhood was better, however being the only pale one has grown old with me. I need a diverse community to thrive properly. The view was uncertain.


Then the Dunbar, though reputation a bit botched by the New York gov, had a beautiful 2 bedroom. But oh no, what was outside. This was the street that I once walked down on the way back to Brooklyn from mentoring the IBM Computer Club once a week. I was told by thugs that they were going to take me for a ride. I passed them on by. I don’t want to have to go through that every day. I’ve never had that happen where I live now, only the constant trash talking outside my window. I really have grown tired of all that, it wears the soul.


After that I realized that a bus was the way to see the other two buildings on St. Nicholas Avenue.


Geekboy observed how every IND train station neighborhood was just alike with a Duane Reade and a Chase bank.

We were left on the wrong side of Inwood, good to know. Chaos was what was wrong with it, no law and order. The people there could not speak English and they did not know where the Cloisters or Fort-Tryon was and they lived an avenue away from it.

At the subway station a kind lady lead us through the tunnel to the Cloisters. She shuddered and had tears in her eyes when she heard where I lived. She directed me to her landlord’s building on Washington Ave.

We admired Ft. Tryon. Truly beautiful. We are already spoiled by the incomparable beauty of the Hudson Valley. I called a number off a bulletin board for a share in Hudson Heights. I saw it Monday. A building beautifully situated next to the Hudson River. I so wanted it. Alas, the room offered rather sucked, the sharer smoked (though she hadn’t mentioned it before) and really at $745 a month with no internet or said cable should she really be taking well over 2/3rds of the apartment? Another one for keeping her things in her subtenant’s room.


Today via the New York Times a midtown third avenue apartment with a lease appeared. The movein is even on my timeframe in June. I will see it during lunch tomorrow. Imagine having your own internet after all these years. Wow!

I will miss my roommates. I’ll even miss my rooms. They are beautiful. Too bad about the open windows on the street. I never minded that it was roughly finished. Even though we had 3-4 roommates here we all had our privacy. The apartment is a whole floor after all. Ah well no hot water, no heat, no locked or lighted doors etc A mixed bag, yep the room needs a view.


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