Get your Target O N !

Simply a good product is My Target on Moma’s Day.

I found some simple and good products at great prices for my senior MOMA at Target:

Pure Digital PSV-351 30-min Point & Shoot Camcorder

Karim Rashid’s

Dirt Devil Kone Vacuum

Firefly Mobile Phone for Kids

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When it comes to good inspirations I’m ON with Target’s fairy god moma care of its communities: here

In NYC you can get ON with these super nurture opportunities.

Every Friday Target treats the public to MOMA in the NYC.
Join MOMA’s podcast program, its free:

Comic Abstraction: Image-Breaking, Image-Making
March 4–June 11, 2007
About the exhibition | Visit the online exhibition

Listen: Full Program

Brooklyn Museum: Target First Saturdays (like tomorrow)

PocketMuseumSM: Cell Phone Gallery Guide

Using their cell phones, visitors can learn more about The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago through commentary from Judy Chicago, various curators, scholars, educators, and others.

So like get inspired, get your O N !

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