Are New York City drivers Confused or…

just visionary crazed…

Too frequently, on a daily basis, I see drivers running red lights in New York City and grandstanding the gridlock totally blocking off pedestrians on Madison, Fifth, Sixth and Broadway.

What’s going on here?

If this city is the greenest of the nation, I am totally scared about the rest of the United States. Luckily I travelled to San Francisco and Houston in January of this year. Folks, they are greener. Drivers get popped when they try to runover pedestrians, gridlock and run redlights. San Francisco even gives pedestrians a countdown for crossing the street. So what may I ask is happening to the city of no “Law and Order”.

In Mayor Giuliani’s time, a 2000 report found that of the 1.23 million NYC red lights run through every workday 98% of the runs were by passenger cars with in-state licenses.

The media uses “visionary” like investment bankers and adguys use “ADD”. Meaningless, completely meaningless. If our mayors are so visionary why do they keep repairing the subway and replacing trains. They are not innovating, creating something new. A subway car with only two doors and seats is pretty stupid when its clear a third or fourth door and a few seats only for the handicapped would decongest the masses. Yet they keep reordering cars just like the ones that failed them before. The same tracks are repaired all year long, year after year, duh.

Look I am a pedestrian and if you block me off because you ran a redlight or block my path I am taking down your license plate, publishing and reporting you. End of story. I aim to make it easy for others to do this also. If our government refuses to do their jobs then we have to take our reality into our own hands. To be continued.


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