The Green Ambition Tour – Safer Street Sex

Was it strictly sex discrimination or just narrow-minded refusal to use the safer sex when seeking NYC’s green city of the world title?

“In nature there is a balance between dioecious males and females (trees), with roughly equal percentages of each sex. In urban landscapes, however, the ratio is now usually 90-95 percent male, and 10 percent or less female.”–“Conscious Choice: Safe Sex Landscaping

Urban landscapers prefer males as they see them as maintenance-free, i.e. no female problems: seed, pods or fruit. oops logic problem: a male only tree society delivers overabundant pollen.

Did you know that last year in New York City 90% of the emergency cases were critical reactions to an epidemic allergy season? Pollen counts of 90 and above are considered high pollen count, last May the pollen count was 690. Excess tree and grass pollen were the culprits. here

Today’s high-medium pollen count is due to oak, mulberry and grass in zip code 10021.

Should NYC taxis be allowed a gradual turnover to honking hybrids? Continued air pollution for the next three years mixed with overabundant tree pollen, Killer Combo, hardly Green.


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