The Green Ambition Tour – Cultural Crossroads…

“Quality of life” crime.

Everyday on a one-way ticket to hell one will be exposed to “quality of life” crimes permitted by NYC Green. Spitting is a crime and yet, just like dozens of other laws allowed to be broken by the minute on the subway, it is considered a quality of life, a cultural crossroads…

In 2002 a lady suffered obscenities of a cab driver she chastised for spitting out of his cab, after he set her free she had his license revoked … Columbia News Service

In 2007 …. Under the Time Warner Building, Columbus Circle, on one side of the subway track, five men spitting and across, on the other side of the tracks, a rat, over a foot long, nibbling away on unkept construction materials on the subway platform. Need I say watch where you step because these rats are not shy?

Saturday in Fort-Tryon (Cloisters) in New York City adults wandered into the carefully cultivated flower beds for a closer look at beauty.

The keeper of Fort-Tryon let them know to back off, these beds had been planted and cared for by hand… photos courtesy of geekboy

How do we reach for green?


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