The Cadillac’s Transformation

I did ponder for this headline do I go with the Marketing Institute or stick to confidence inspired as of late by the SmartyAds guy I met at Fooa (see for scoop).

SmartyAds said they’d like to test my logo tagline, “Sitting on a Trend”. Great tagline!

Oh, but back to the Cadillac. Remember 9 months ago I had forked over $300 to have my hair done. The next day I found out I had chicken pox and well, needed that money for the cure 😉 Part of the cadillac package was deleting the color in the middle of my hair strand. Nice trick, nice art! People were talking about it all the time. Hmm wasn’t it suppose to be natural?

So the cadillac was growing down, down, down past my chin uninterrupted until one day last week I was flipping through a New York Mag in a waiting room. I read about how Sally Hershberger‘s stock had gone up to $800 a cut. That model’s night haircuts Downtown (14th street and 10th) might be possible for $40. I picked up my cell phone. We’ll put you on the very long list I was told after I told them my hair was down to my seat. Maybe someday they said as they wished me a great day. That evening Mike called me and he wanted to take my hair on, like tomorrow. Yes!

Two stylists worked on my hair. They both were sheer artists. A plus was talking about “Shear Genius” and of course having Jane Fonda in back of me and just being in an ultra cool loft. “Do whatever you want” I replied.


3 responses to “The Cadillac’s Transformation

  1. Your hair looks fabulous. Sarah

  2. Your hair looks fabulous. Sarah

  3. Your hair looks fabulous. Sarah

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