Auspicious 7s and Daddy Dearest

Today’s hypertainment is the 1-2-3s of dear old dad’s face and the guy you are taking out for a spin. The BBC  spins the Nigella Lawson / Charles Saatchi pairing. Mr. Saatchi shares facial features of Ms. Lawson’s dear dad. See the biog for more whys as to why the pairing works.

As for me my dad is very dear but so far I’ve found none whose facial features compare. My ex-husband was very similar to my brother in coloring and build, very dark. My ex-fiance was very similar in body and face and even gentility to my grandfather. Geekboy, hmm, nobody is like geekboy, except in his gentility and height he’s like the same grandfather. Well my grandfather was an entrepreneur and so were these three guys. So according to Trendy science if you had a good relationship with your grandfather you’ll probably have a good relationship with those who act and bear resemblance to him.


The ABC network spins auspicious 7s in dating your marriage. One of their desperate housewives is getting married on 7/07/2007. Personally I got married on 7/7/1977 and let’s just say it lasted seven years and call it a day. And do chill I was much too young and wide eyed to think that one up, it was my husband. He came from a culture that honors arranged marriages.



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