Door- to- Door Spammers

This evening someone was buzzing everyone’s door in this building. I didn’t answer. If I am not expecting someone I won’t answer. Afterall one of the worst precincts in Manhattan is at our back door.

As I was coming out of my doorway a little later a woman with a petition hailed me down. She asked me if she had already asked me if I was a registered democrat. I said no, and no. Would I sign this petition to get Mark Levine and another woman on the ballot. I said I don’t even know who they are. She told me that Mr. Levine had created a credit union at the George Washington Bridge so that poor people could have a bank. I said to her well I am not a registered anything. She looked down at me though I think I was much taller. Well you should look into that.

Yep, I had been spammed.

Later, I told my mom about this. She said she was an independent. She didn’t know who she was going to vote for. Definitely not the republicans. Definitely Obama before Hilary. She hopes there will be an independent candidate. I asked her would she vote for Bloomberg if he ran independent. She said she didn’t know that much about him. Well mom I said he is green. We both concluded that we would both welcome an upstart independent candidate coming into the race.

Whatever, please don’t spam me at my door.


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