Look, I don’t want to complain but…

Saturday is a working day for me so I am not amused when I get off my “A” train to catch the “D” train at 125th only to find out at 59th my “D” train is now an “A” train going to 42nd. No announcements or signs or yammering “customer assistants” on the subway platform to tell me that I should not count on a “D” or “B” train today. waiting…15 minutes, 20 minutes…I ask a “customer assistant” if there is going to be a “D” or “B” train today. Please tell me the truth. She asks me where I am going. I tell her I know where I am going and how I want to get there. I need a “b” or “d” train that will take me one stop to 7th avenue where I need to catch an “E” train that will take me to 53rd and Lex. The “customer assistant” tells me that “B” trains don’t run on the weekend. I give her an incredulous look like, since when. She said I should have stayed on the “A” train, get out at 42nd street and take the shuttle to grand central from there I should take the lexington avenue line to 53rd.

Friends, I don’t want to complain but..
When you get to 42nd street you’ve got a 5 to 10 minute underground walk through an obnoxious tunnel full of religious zealots and drummers and then you’ve got to hope that the shuttle or 7 is working. And then when you get to grand central you’ve got to take the elevator past some more religious zealots and drek music up to the lexington avenue line . Again you have to hope that line is working locally.

Yeah, I don’t want to complain ….
but why in this day and age when you’ve got an unlimited metro card am I walking through tunnels? Cut them off, get rid of them, they are dangerous and useless. If I want to walk 10 minutes to get to the A train from Time Square I am better off walking outside.

Like the “customer assistant” announced on Friday morning, terrorists are all around and about so when a plain clothes policeman asks to look through your bag let them. Then they proceeded to tell us to watch our things because of pick pockets. Is this anyway to run the City? N O !!!!!


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