Everything you need to know about how to complain …

Is not at 311..

Yes i am sorry to have to tell you this … I said to the talent on the other end of the cell phone transmission.  I’ve been waiting over 30 minutes for a #5 on the Avenue of the Americas at 47th streeet.   The stop is marked No. 5 limited very clearly.  Yet three bus drivers driving buses clearly marked No. 5 limited and to tell you the truth quite empty have massively passed me by.  
This has been a customer experience in other sections of Manhattan as of late, too often.  And first off, I read once on the MTA site that if a Limited bus had the capacity and the ability, it could pick up No. 5 unlimited passengers.  So what gives?
The lady with talent on the other end told me that 311 did not take complaints for MTA.  Would I like their number?  I don’t have a pen I am on a No. 7 bus right now.  I’ll have to look them up on their web site.  Thank you.  You have a nice day.
I am sorry but this is rather confusing.  Isn’t the City my middle man?  MTA is providing services to me the City’s customer.  So shouldn’t the City be taking my complaint and funneling it through their talent to MTA?  phew.  I mean, isn’t the City kind of like my Man in India?
Anyway NYPIRG Straphangers have made a nice little complaint package for you with all the necessary online linkage to MTA.  here  May I suggest…hammer away!

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