Which ‘ In the middle of ‘ do you prefer?

I mused while pouring over every single word of NYTimes’ tales of trainhop to Zouerate, seeTough Commute on a Train not Mean’t for People.”

What could be more hellious than spending two hours on a New York subway with no air and no certainty if you will get to the place you could have walked to in half the time? Because there are no guarantees on the subway. Yes you could be stuck in the middle of a tunnel without food, no water and no cell phone service if the train brakes down or one of those desperados goes one degree over sicko.

Forget about the $8.
Vote for better traffic management and
cleaner subways.
Vote for a method.
Offset dirt!

Oh, yes, where were we, back to the train hopper to Zouerate, that would be 17 hours in the middle of the Sahara desert with goats and desperate companions who relieve themself on the side of the train. Ok so we don’t have the Sahara desert or 17 hours and we might have different options than Zouerate, everything is relative.

Seen any camels lately?


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