Its a Beautiful Mindspace when you free yourself from "Danger"

Random Acts of Kindness, Respect for others are invited!

In an era of darkness, we light our own flame.

The Theme: Fire. Liberation. Paris, July 14th 1789,
but this time it’s the battle for Brooklyn.

Dress: In white (the more costumed the better, you are the
Angels that keep this city alive and untamed.)

Bring: Drums, Parasols, Refreshments (discreetly), Music,
Gifts to Share, Friends, Lovers and your Metrocard.

Cost: Absolutely Free.

The Start: We will meet at sunset (7:57pm sharp!) on
Saturday July 14th, rain or shine. The location will
be posted Friday after 3pm at:

The Renegade: The soul of this event is that we don’t ask
permission to host it. In the past the police have worked
with us politely and we have returned the favor by
respecting them. Please, watch for yourself and others.
Be respectful and don’t do anything that you’ll regret
when you’re 50.

see also: Its time for your Bubble Battle


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