The Urban Experiment passes Mitchum Man by

Under the covers of the JCReport’s Issue 121 lies the Urban Experiment.

This experiment asks “Do you have what it takes? Dare to Experiment.  Spin the Bottle.”   Virtually Urban Experiment leaves me urban stranded in the City of New York.  A City that in 2004 was described by Christopher Hutchens of Vanity Fair as a “‘Niagara of pettiness and random victimisation’  as he set out to break every law in Bloomberg’s books.  Oh, but do remember Mr. Hutchins is a smoker and so is his boss.   hmm.  All of this according to Buzzle‘s 2004 “Mayor Turns NYC into Forbidden Apple.”  

One of the dares I spun was to pole dance using the subway straphanger poles. The source of empowerment would be hair prepared by Redken. Would I dare? Pass and spin. 
Could the Mitchum Man be left in the dust stirred up by this experiment?
The next dare was trying on an item in my favorite designer’s shop for twice my rent. Ok.   Hey if the Devil could wear Prada, so could I.  However, a gorgeous sale at put a damper on the reality version of the dare.  I virtually said to Geekboy’s card “To the Max!”  It was so Harry Potter how all three items displayed below were debited for under double my rent.  It was so empowering I forgot my hair product and of course instead of trying on, well, I sought ownership.  Yep! I do believe this Spin the Bottle thingy is empowering.  
Back to that pole dance.   I could not find one city ordinance that said I could not pole dance on “MTA’s” straphanger pole rental.  Surely the dare was hardly a stretch.  The reality is the way those MTA drivers run the trains the pole dance is quite involuntary and performed daily throughout New York City’s boros.  
 Yep, Mitchum Man, move over, is here.

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