Mulling over "A" Experience

If you ride the “A” train frequently you’ll eventually believe you are having an “A” experience.  That’s what the MTA talent mega-announces to you each trip on that particular train.   Does the state designate staff as talent?   If not, ought they?  So that we could have a better experience?…I keep thinking “‘an’ experience” not “‘a’ experience”. p-l-e-a-s-e.

miss k lamp by Starck

In 1998 Steve Lopez in Time, “Greetings from America’s Secret Capitals“, was shedding light on a town’s need for identity, without it the town doesn’t exist.

I have been trying to figure out this NYC town’s identity as of late in between experiences. One single experience strikes me. Every day I have a great architecture experience.

vitra miniature by Starck

I ventured forth into the visionary to see if there could be further identity clues. Yes, looking into the microcosm of condominium, a sales experience offer from GramercyStarck.

Big Love Ice Cream Cup and Spoon – Alessi
If I buy into the starck sales experience will I have niched my identity down to GrammercyStarcker? Will my designs starckly clash? Not to worry, its a condo sales experience. At least there will be design within reach.

brushed bar stool by Starck

Architecture References:
81 Irving Place
Samuel Ruggles, Founder of Grammercy Park


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