With or Without Mike, We will Bike

At least one bravo so far for Mike from the ‘l’ittle people.  

“L” train at Bedford Bikes Got Posts! 
Finally.  A big shout out goes here.   Three auto parking spots had to give it up for bike said Mike.
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You can’t have Bike without Mike because:

1. Auto traffic is way out of control and does not even respect the pedestrian.

a. Cure–
Fix the walk lights and auto lights, unsync them.
Autos do not get the “go” light until the pedestrians have had their “white guy” dim out,
as simple as that — guerilla market that one why don’t you.

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b. Bikes are moving objects and so like cars those that move them should be licensed.
Have you almost been run over by more bikes than cars, raise your hand, yep!

c. If buses and autos and construction (ahem here) can’t even respect each other’s lanes how do you even begin to have bike lanes.
Flyers, Flyers and Flyers  — meaningful signs and lights and cams, please.

At any rate outside of Mike these brave efforts to Bike get my support:

 Time’s Up gives weekly lessons in bicycle maintenance at Mott and Mulberry (49 East Houston Street) (who knows a little art and zen traffic maintenance might crop up in the process).  See here for more info.

Successful completion of “Design New York’s Bike Share” was a success. See here. Renting a bike, I’m in, it cost less than $8. Stay tuned and conversational here.  Its evolution time.

Cheerup! Paul Frank is still giving away that bike.

Paul Frank The Biker Friends T-Shirt, T-shirts for Women

To enter the contest, click below.


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