the small cumulative wins

Following geekboy’s lead on ‘Don’t throw the towel in’ and my newly acquired ‘eternal optimism’ and

After waiting two weeks for my landlord to seek help from the real estate agent on the Smoking Sickos in my building with no results…

I took matters into my own hands and wrote the co-op marketing people. Basically the whole 9-yards story along with if I don’t see reasonable action I will just forward this story on to the New York Times and New York State District Attorney. Harsh, maybe, but… afterall Governor Spitzer is a proponent of the harsh approach and well, the Mayor Bloomberg does believe in excessive too. So hey I gave it a “Send.”

Five days later I got a reply asking me for my phone number. Ok here’s my phone number plus a replay and more of what’s going on with the Sickos.

Next day, I get a call. You know you aren’t the first to complain the sympathetic and affirmative action voice says. The person across the hall from you says its really bad and they think its the person above and below your floor. That’s right I said and on our hall. There are at least 5-6 different groups of smokers who believe that they may smoke in the elevators, in the hallways, in the stairwells and on the fire escape. I have informed one group and they said uh-uh, that’s not true until 311 said they would now connect me to 911.

So this morning we had new signs on the outside of every elevator that said no smoking under penalty of law in red letters. The marketer said I would be seeing notices and signs for no smoking in the hallway tomorrow.

small cumulative …win

Because the super and the agent represent the negative spin of this place and my landlord relies upon them. Funny the super and the agent can’t be sued, however, the landlord and the coop can. Go figure. The super was trying to start up a fight with me in the laundromat. He kept saying you didn’t call me back over and over again. [background he was supposed to call a week ago (he didn’t) and he had two appointments with that he missed or omitted.] I finally said to be honest there was no point. It will hardly be worth it for me to worry about getting all the defective tiles fixed if this is just going to be a stinking smoking apartment without a revamped laundromat [revamping overdue since June] with reasonable hours. I am waiting for the most important thing to be fixed the illegal smoking. He asked questions that were none of his bizwax and got totally mad at the answers. He said you don’t have a right to go to them, you aren’t the owner. Afterwards he locked the laundromat door 9:30p.m. on the dot (last day for evening service being Wednesday and then not again until Monday). With the door shut halfway he said the landlord can move anyone they want into that apartment. I put my hand on my hip and said, not so, I have a two-year lease. I don’t know. I was being so soft, southern and polite while at the same time I was not about to take further guff from him. I won’t bother telling the landlord. Let the super talk all he wants, let him just wear himself out. Coz… like the people who were trying to break in the last apartment, there is nothing he can do. Basically… I still have Bruce Lee in my closet.


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