Low Google Links Cause Identity Crisis for Square

Thanks to Curbed.com for daily humour about the City and useful link connections.

A link to Downtown ExpressWe’re Square, We’re Here, Get Used to It.”

This is the story of Hudson Square, a community that has fought for its right to Park, successfully suing the city for return of the confiscated, ahem decommissioned, Canal Park. Right now they seek residential zoning for the up for sale UPS site. The City wants to dump sanitation trucks there. Go Hudson Square Go! Just know that everyone in the City has to fight for their identity, Google or not.

Wow! this square has celebrity neighbor, The Urban Glasshouse. I did not say beauty, I did say celebrity. Oh well some people use to think that’s all there is to identity. Talk to them.

The grab to the article was about Google identity and that means what? It means what do you have on the web that Google cares about. And really does the web really matter, its only 10% of “the” population? And really, who is “the”? Well “the” is someone you really want to know. “The” has 5,320,000,000 Google links. I highly recommend Hudson Square start using “The Hudson Square” in every word they publish on the web.

And this [Google identity] was a key point of the all-day “Envision Hudson Square” charrette hosted by the Friends of Hudson Square on July 17: Before good change in the neighborhood can be fostered or bad change rooted out, the neighborhood of Hudson Square must build an identity.“– Downtown Express “We’re Square, We’re Here, Get Use to it.”

Another suggestion to The Hudson Square: improve your search, add blog to your search. There are 1.29 million links to “Hudson Square Blog”.

Google blogspotter blogs talking about Hudson Square.

SoHo Politics
The Galvin Blogger
Playing with Blocks

“Other” blogs talking:

Trump Soho
Soho Politics
Curbed Walking Tour: In Philip’s Ear

What? You want more? Google yourself. I have to go work on my identity…


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