Gun your Autos, we’re going to Copenhagen

A backpacked guy with a stroller that contained a toddler with a ukele stormed into a New York subway car this evening.  It was already filled to capacity.   He was rolling over people’s feet and legs and he kept doing it.  A lady grimaced and he said “What’s the matter with you?  You think you are so important.”  The lady finally told him “There is no room, you can’t just run over people.”   He said “You think you are so important. I want to get home just like you.”  “But you can’t just run people over.” she pleaded as he took her only place to hold on.  “We’ve already let a train filled to capacity pass by.   You’ll have to wait.”   The guy kept ranting “You think you are so important.”   The other passengers just let him roll over them. There is no cell phone service or police on the train. You are stuck, you can do nothing.  And one must know that guy had very broken English and a very large nose.  That no trains were running tonight for the “A” experience.  No announcements, they just didn’t come for 45 minutes.   The delightful co-op ad said 15 minutes.  The real deal was 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Just remember as you are paying the $8 to enter the NYC’s elite zone that you are sponsoring the largest consumer of New York’s electricity, the MTA, using more power than the city of Buffalo, New York. That the city has only made a $26 million repair on the system in the past few years, overdue from 1970. New York City subway system uses 1872 technology.  Its passengers are charged $2.00 for each ride.  They also pay state, city and sales tax.   Americans pay New Yorker’s city and state tax exemptions from federal tax.   The whole United States pays into the New York Subway System through millions of dollars of federal funding each year. By charging $8 for entering an elite zone (an undemocratic zone) New York is asking for more handouts from the federal government, namely to win a green award. Yet there is nothing at all green about this ‘congestion pricing’ plan fakeover.

The problem of congestion is caused by the very people who will be exempt from the fee. People that live in Manhattan, drive in Manhattan and will continue to do so free as long as they do not try to exit the zone.  Notice again the green plan only covers elite areas. Phew, why worry about the rest of Manhattan.  You know the part of Manhattan that actually has the poor little girls with asthma, the ones the mayor speaks about in his green briefings.

In London the ‘congestion pricing’ plan covered a very small business zone and was not implemented excessively.  Also, London is the capital of a monarchy not a democracy. Singapore was the other example given, need I say more. 

Copenhagen is an example of a city that is truly green. No congestion pricing. Just a town planned for people to live in and walk in. What could be simpler. Of course it was omitted from the discussion.  Yes,  those guys in Albany are so busy doing briefs on each others’ investigation of the other, posturing so that their constituents won’t know the truth of ‘congestion pricing’ until its far too late.

Excuse me, aren’t we all important?

Greenmap Copenhagen



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