Voldemortian Efficiency Effect is Wasted on Muggles

Apparently City Room caught Muggles reading HP (Harry Potter) on the “A” Experience under the Voldemortian Effciency Effect. This effect is produced by fluorescent lighting installed in “they who must not be named”‘s trains, planes and tunnels to save them $4.8 million a year. While such effect does contribute to visual problems alas, the real vision stress for these Muggles comes when reading from the HP book a distance of over 14 inches from their eyes and while the train is in motion.

Never fear Harry Potter is here. The UK Telegraph image above is captioned:

“Trendy: Daniel Radcliffe makes glasses cool as Harry Potter.”

What?  You drive in?  Hold your hippogriffs, you can fake it

Good Light
Lord Voldemort
Harry Potter Lexicon


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